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March 22, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

6 weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant with baby #3. Number THREE! Yes, I just barely had a baby! This was very unplanned and very unexpected. I wasn't planning on having another baby for 2+ years. I started young, so I will be a 23 year old mama with a 3 1/2 year old, an 18 month old, and a newborn!  I am so scared! I squealed like a little girl when I took that pregnancy test. It was a "I seriously can't believe this is happening, no this can't be right, AHH!" kind of a scream. It didn't really register until I called my mom crying that night. She asked why I was crying, and I whimpered, … [Read more...]

March 1, 2016

3 Simple Things to Do Everyday to Always Have a Clean Home

Most people have one day a week that they clean their house. I used to try to do this.  And usually it wouldn't get entirely cleaned because life with kids is not that simple. I sometimes wished that I could just lock my kids in a room for 3 hours and totally deep clean my house, but let's face it, that wouldn't work out so well! Both me and my kids would usually end up really grumpy from me stressing to get everything done and not giving my kids all the attention that they needed-mixed with me feeling guilty for not giving them attention. Plus, I would never really get to enjoy my "clean"  … [Read more...]