March 1, 2016

3 Simple Things to Do Everyday to Always Have a Clean Home


Most people have one day a week that they clean their house. I used to try to do this.  And usually it wouldn’t get entirely cleaned because life with kids is not that simple. I sometimes wished that I could just lock my kids in a room for 3 hours and totally deep clean my house, but let’s face it, that wouldn’t work out so well! Both me and my kids would usually end up really grumpy from me stressing to get everything done and not giving my kids all the attention that they needed-mixed with me feeling guilty for not giving them attention. Plus, I would never really get to enjoy my “clean”  house because it wouldn’t all be cleaned in one day, and by the next day, whatever I had cleaned would look messy again. And I think we all can agree that there are few things more rewarding than being able to enjoy your totally clean, yummy smelling house at the end of a full day of cleaning! So between me never really getting to enjoy that moment, and having a grumpy family at the end of the day anyways, I decided to try something new.

When we started trying to sell our house, I quickly learned a great method to fake a clean house every single day.  If anyone has sold a home, you know how much work it is to get ready for a showing! Your entire house has to be clean; you can’t just throw all your unfolded laundry in the washroom, or close the kids’ bedroom doors like you usually do when you clean your house. Sometimes you have 10 minutes until a showing, and sometimes you get a few hours. Either way, I am usually a basket case trying to get my house perfectly clean and organized in whatever amount of time I’m given.  As a result, I have learned lots of tricks on how to fake a clean home every single day. I have learned that if I keep my home generally clean everyday, when I do have an unexpected showing I can quickly mop my floors, vacuum, and light some candles, and I’m ready to go! It has made my life much easier!


So here is what I do everyday to fake a clean house.

  • The 15 minute clean sweep. Every night I go through my whole house and pick up. My husband is usually great to help me, which makes it go even faster. We tidy the rooms, my little boy helps me put ALL of the toys away in the playroom, we load and start the dishwasher, we sweep my floors, we take out the garbage, and we wipe the counters.  When I keep up on it every night, it only  takes 15-20 minutes. When cleaning day does come around (the day I clean bathrooms, dust, and deep clean my kitchen,) it only takes an hour or so, rather than a whole day of cleaning because I have kept up on everything else all week. It makes cleaning day much easier! I also love not having to worry about my house being messy when I have unexpected visitors. And who doesn’t love waking up to a clean kitchen?
  • In the mornings, I unload my dishwasher while my kids are eating breakfast. This really is the only thing I do in the mornings as far as cleaning goes, since I already did everything else the night before. This allows us to be able to put our dirty dishes IN THE DISHWASHER throughout the day. That way we don’t have a huge pile of intimidating dishes to do at the end of the night.
  • Everyone puts things where they go. When my husband gets in the shower, he puts his clothes in the hamper. When I finish getting ready for the day, I put my makeup bag in the drawer. We clean off the kitchen table after lunch and breakfast and throw the dishes in the dishwasher. Doing little things like this (that really don’t take up any time) makes your house stay clean. It makes the nightly 15 minute sweep much quicker.

That is really all we do! Having a clean home really does make everyone happier. It allows you to not feel overwhelmed, it gives you a clear mind to think (research has shown that having a cluttered house actually makes your mind more cluttered!), and it allows your family to feel comfortable and relaxed. Just doing these 3 small things every day will allow you to always “fake” a clean home!

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